5ive Girls


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 6

In St. Marks catholic boarding school for girls, the religious student Elizabeth (Krysta Carter) is attacked by evil forces and disappears from the classroom and the impotent Father Drake (Ron Perlman) is incapable of saving her. The school is closed and five years later it is reopened. Five troubled unwanted girls - Alex (Jennifer Miller), Mara (Jordan Madley), the blind Cecilia (Terra Vnesa), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo) and Connie (Tasha May Currie) ? are left by their family in the institution, severely directed by the headmistress Miss Pearce (Amy Ciupak Lalonde) with hands of iron. Father Drake is their teacher and the girls are forbidden to go to the mysterious third floor. When Alex has visions of the possessed Elizabeth, weird things happen in the spot and the girls have to fight against a legion of two thousand demons.<br/><br/>&quot;5ive Girls&quot; is not a bad horror movie as mentioned in some reviews. The problem is that the story is too ambitious for a low-budget movie. There are at least three great flaws in the plot. The first one is how could a school so big have only five students and one teacher? Would figurants be so expensive? The second one is the lack of an explanation why the demons attacked the boarding school. Last but not the least, why Mara has healing power? But anyway the story startles, the atmosphere is creepy, the gorgeous actresses have good performances and Ron Pearlman is efficient as usual. If you see this film with low expectations and disregard the flaws in the screenplay you may have a good surprise. My vote is six.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): &quot;Dem?nios&quot; (&quot;Demons&quot;)

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Reviewed by onosideboard 6

Similar concept, at least... five girls uniting their unique powers for a common purpose. Here, it&#39;s to ward off some kind of demon.<br/><br/>I&#39;m not going to bother going over the plot--that&#39;s what the plot outline is for. Rather, I will say that the production value was high, the five young women played their roles very well, the story moved quickly, and there was some surprisingly good dialogue every once in a while (humorous, reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer dialogue).<br/><br/>That said, a lot of the script was terrible. Plot holes, inconsistencies, and cheesy lines. It&#39;s almost as if two completely different people wrote the script: one wrote the scenes between the girls and the other wrote the &quot;action&quot; scenes. There&#39;s not a lot of gore, but a couple of &quot;supernatural&quot; special effects were borderline cool/cheesy.<br/><br/>The movie is entertaining, the cast is easy on the eyes (Ron Perlman aside), there aren&#39;t any twists or psych-outs. It&#39;s a decent flick and worth watching, especially if you&#39;re a fan of the &quot;girls kick supernatural butt&quot; genre.

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Reviewed by wrlang 5

Five Girls is about five girls, some with special powers, who are sent to a catholic school for girls to get some discipline. After arriving, strange things start to happen and some of the girls start seeing visions. Maybe it&#39;s because the school has above the front door ? &#39;abandon all hope&#39;. Ha ha, the words above the gates of hell. The head mistress is a real mean one and the priest worked at the same school before it closed down and he became a drunkard. Legion, the same set of demons that occupied one person from the Bible, takes over the characters and jumps from person to person. Kind of makes you wonder if legion was many why he didn&#39;t take over everyone at the same time, but? There&#39;s more to the story, but it doesn&#39;t seem to help much. It&#39;s really just a bunch of cute teenage girls running around screaming. Some lesbian kissing, no real nudity. Some of the special effects were good, but it&#39;s not an A movie in any respect.

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