Apocalypse Rising


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Reviewed by Dusan Luigi Indjic 5

When I wrote this; the genres were still not defined on IMDB (under the title, as usual), so I guess that you will be more guided than me. But, though being caught "off guard", I immediately adapted and tried to enjoy. Unlike another lame zombie-apocalypse crash, for me it was much more - too interesting and rich in many 'max-mad' aspects. In short: eclectic modern and extreme parody. I believe actually beneath driven by real current extreme religious, political, radical and other global discords.It was loaded with strong comedy elements wrangling around from the very beginning. It scratched a loads of popular elements of Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres (in more then simple and funny context, given a quite crazy story) like: apocalypse, zombies, 'mythical' heroes/warriors (inter-stellar and tattooed, please), secret cryptic passages, puzzles, The Chosen-Ones, occultism, so forth so on.All mixed to the extreme! So, the script is a piece of work, giving here a credit to the author. Funny but (quite!) sick business it all is...It gave me a nice laughing on regular basis, going to the campy (literally intentional "too-much") extremes from "fierce / in-depth" story-lunacy to vicious character-ignited humor and more-then-morbid moments. I'm serious here: there are "too-much" (as simply put above, just: Sick) moments, so 18+ is suggested, 'cause there's more then freakish rock & you-know-what elements.

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