Bridget Jones's Baby


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by paulspencer-90394 3/10

I wanted to enjoy this film, as there is so little to laugh at in theworld right now, but this movie only adds to the misery.<br><br>It was a bit like watching the deleted scenes from the other films. Inthe end I started doing an ethnic minority count, just to see what thewhite middle class writers think of England.<br><br>It turns out there are more ethnic minorities instar Wars than in thisfilm. I think an Indian guy had a line, and an African nurse, but allthe others were extras.<br><br>I began to wonder if the rest of the world think that this is whatLondon is like, it was better than thinking about the story line.Again, it was 40 years out of date.<br><br>To say I might have missed the point because this was a &#x27;womans&#x27; filmwould be insulting to women. The female writers had some good lines inrelation to the pregnancy and childbirth, but the overall result wasabout as funny as being in labour.

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Reviewed by tylerhendy 2/10

I hate myself for paying to see this and supporting not only a reboot,but something so boring unfunny and unoriginal.<br><br>I genuinely went in, trying to enjoy it. Forcing myself to smile andnod, next to my cackling girlfriend. I laughed hardest at the worstjokes, because of how terrible they were. <br><br>This is the epitome of lazy movie making, and a lazy and tired industrynot willing to take risks with originality. <br><br>Upon reflection, you would have to pay me to go and see this for asecond time - and the hourly rate would not be cheap, for the pain andsuffering is incredibly hard to tolerate.

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Reviewed by terryperring104 3/10

..We left before the end and frankly couldn&#x27;t give a tinkers cuss whosebaby it was. My girlfriend and I decided to go home and read some oldBeano comics from the 80&#x27;s, as that would be fresher, funnier andbraver than this new stinker. Why? (Okay, a deep breathnow...)...Bridgette Jones Baby was:-<br><br>Twee; predictable; safe; lack-lustre and tired; unimaginative;uninspired; badly written; poorly directed; ( And poorly photographedfor that matter-not the best cinematography I&#x27;ve ever seen)- cont..Gauche and just absolutely, embarrassingly and bewilderingly bad. Justas bewildering was the laughter from the audience, mostly females, andof a type. By that I mean the type who laugh at ANYTHING that isslightly different, in action or intention, to what is a social norm&#x27;expectation. The Type who would wet themselves laughing when, in Lastof the Summer Wine, Compo falls into the canal for the umpteenth time,but most people would see it coming and yawn, &#x27;oh no. Not again&#x27; Avoidthis film if you have a well developed sense of humour. But DO go, ifyou like people falling into mud quagmires and you laugh at middleclass people saying &#x27;C**k or F*** 3/10 (and that&#x27;s generous)

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