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Reviewed by Wuchak 7

Released in 1977, &quot;Grayeagle&quot; is a Western about a man (Ben Johnson) whose daughter (Lana Wood) is kidnapped by a Cheyenne brave (Alex Cord). The man teams up with his Native partner (Iron Eyes Cody) and a friend (Jack Elam) to get his daughter back. Along the way they must tangle with a Shoshone hunting party, including a crazy brave named Scar (Jacob Daniels).<br/><br/>While the plot is reminiscent of 1956&#39;s &quot;The Searchers,&quot; it&#39;s different enough to not be a rip-off. &quot;Grayeagle&quot; is not a big-budget Western, like &quot;The Searchers,&quot; but I like it better. However, it&#39;s not a cheapie either and it genuinely surprised me for a number of reasons. For one, it&#39;s not a typical Western; it&#39;s just as much a Native American film as it is a cowboy Western; and the Natives are portrayed quite good, considering the time period. Secondly, everything about the film is totally over-the-top, like the acting, the (melo)drama and the blaring score. Speaking of the score, it plays like the bombastic music of the original Star Trek TV series, but updated to the mid-70s and fitted for a Western. It&#39;s quite good -- sometimes even moving -- albeit decidedly dated.<br/><br/>The plot similarities to &quot;The Searchers&quot; is interesting in that Lana Wood&#39;s sister, Natalie, played the kidnapped girl in that film. Speaking of Lana, she&#39;s just gorgeous. You might remember her as Bond girl Plenty O&#39;Toole in 1971&#39;s &quot;Diamonds are Forever.&quot; <br/><br/>Believe it or not, the annoying, half-crazy character Bugler was played by the director, Charles B. Pierce.<br/><br/>Shot in the Helena National Forest Northeast of Helena, Montana, the landscapes are picturesque.<br/><br/>FINAL WORD: &quot;Grayeagle&quot; is full of gusto and must be respected because the creators gave it their all to entertain the viewer; in fact, I include it on my hallowed &quot;Favorite Westerns&quot; list. However, the film is so overdone that it sometimes borders on ridiculous. So while it&#39;s often supremely entertaining the sacred words are fitting: &quot;Just because you like a movie doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s good.&quot; <br/><br/>The film runs 104 minutes.<br/><br/>GRADE: B

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6

When a homesteader (Ben Johnson)&#39;s daughter (a gorgeous Lana Wood, Natalie Wood&#39;s sister) is abducted by a Cheyenne Indian (Alex Cord), one of the greatest Cheyenne warriors who ever lived , the father launches a search for her recovery . He&#39;s is accompanied by an Indian friend (Iron Eyes Cody) and a frontiersman (Jack Elam). They spend time doggedly pursuing his kidnapped daughter when are attacked by a bunch of nasty Indians and then the hard-hearted trapper takes revenge .<br/><br/>This nice and well-paced Western contains adventure , interesting characters , romance , shootouts and spectacular fights . Action Western is pretty good , stylishly developed , a first-rate story and powerful told too . A great featured-role acting by veteran Jack Elam leads some eye-catching supporting performance along with Ben Johnson and Paul Fix . Appears relevant secondary actor named Iron Eyes Cody , usual player Indian roles (¨Great Sioux Massacre¨, ¨Sitting Bull¨, ¨A man called Horse¨) , though actually of Sicilian origin . Full of wide open spaces with breathtaking landscapes exceptionally filmed ; however it is necessary an urgent remastering because of the film copy is worn-out . The flick was well directed by Charles B Pierce who even appears credited in a brief role . He&#39;s an expert on terror genre (¨The Evictors¨ , ¨Boggy Crek¨ I, and II , ¨The town that dreaded sundown¨) and Western (¨Hawken&#39;s breed¨, ¨The winds of autumn¨, and ¨Winterhawk¨ realized in similar style to ¨Grayeagle¨). This big-scale adventure will appeal to Indian Western fans because you will find impressive battles and an ending haunting or over-melodramatic according your tastes . Rating : Good , worth a look for fans of Western.

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Reviewed by MarDendy 9

I loved this movie and would recommend it as a family picture. I disagree that this is a poor remake of the &quot;Searchers&quot; they are not the same at all. Some of the reviewers obviously never really watched the films. I&#39;m a fan of Ben Johnson, Iron Eyes Cody and Jack Elam. I thought Jimmy Clem was so believable in his part of Abe Stroud, though I thought he did a little too much spitting tobacco. Paul Fix was unreconizable as himself in the part of Running Wolf, I would never have guessed it was him. Charles B. Pierce was very convincing as the demented bugler. Lana Wood was very pretty and I think tried to do a good job but she really wasn&#39;t a very good actress, at least in this part. Alex Cord was just right in his portrayal of Grayeagle. He really had to carry the scenes he did with Lana. Grayeagle says little because that was the right way to portray a warrior of the day who knew some English but saved it for when he had something to say. Small talk would have been ridiculous for Grayeagle. He used facial expressions and body language very well. Alex Cord was so graceful mounting and dismounting the Appaloosa and rode well centered, it was a pleasure to watch him ride. I always thought Ben Johnson was the best rider I had seen in movies but Alex Cord is excellent. They did a good job picking the horse for Greyeagle to ride, that appaloosa was just the type that would have been ridden in the 1800&#39;s not the quarter horse type appaloosa seen in so many movies. Greyeagle&#39;s horse looked and moved like the kind of horse a high warrior might ride. Looked like fun to ride if you didn&#39;t have to re-shoot too many scenes. I liked the attention to detail of the costumes and blanket for the Appaloosa with the buffalo pictures, meaning kills? I had lots of questions about the meaning of costume items worn by the Cheyenne and customs portrayed in the film. I wish the director could have had Standing Bear tell Beth the meaning of things that went on in the Cheyenne camp so the viewer wouldn&#39;t be left with questions about what they were watching. There were a few glaring oops in the film such as the same quilt seen in the Coulter cabin as in Abe Strouds cabin, also the fabrics and colors were all wrong for the period. Shoes on the Indian ponies, though that could be overlooked due to horses used to being shod could come up lame in the filming. I also had the feeling that the Coulter cabin and Abe Strouds cabin were one in the same just changed a little inside. The appearing and disappearing stripes on the legs of the appaloosa, kind of noticeable I think. The music was wonderful and the scenery was beautiful. One of my favorite scenes was Ben Johnson, Jack Elan and Iron Eyes Cody racing across the land shouting to each other and running full out. I think they really had a good time with that scene. Big Oops, Ida Coulter? Trapper Coulters wife was referred to as Maria by the Cheyenne who visited her. The name Ida Coulter was never mentioned. I hope this movie is available to purchase again , I think it&#39;s a classic.

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