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Reviewed by peter_K_2001

Chaplin, Allen and now actor, writer, producer and director StephenChow can join the select few whose remarkable talent as a performermatches his ability behind the lens; Kung Fu Hustle proves it. <br><br>Chow is no stranger to direction. In 1994 Chow co-directed Love onDelivery and since then a number of other self starring projects andmany of these projects are considered the best of his acting career.However his skills as a comedian - be it his brash physical comedy(Shaolin Soccer), his manical scenarios (Tricky Brains) or epichistorical parodies (A Chinese Oddsey) - have never outshined histalents as a director. Kung Fu Hustle not only reminds us of Chow'sterrific comedic timing, it introduces us to his stunning visual eyeand exhilarating action direction. <br><br>More importantly this addition to Chow's superb filmography finallyallows us a means of defining his technique. A master of blending bothcomedy and visceral action with artistic integrity and traditionalmelodrama. It has been awhile since a director has been able to take mefrom quite serious and intense graphic violence to over the topridiculous spoofing. The contrast of atmosphere and mood throughout thefilm is incredible and even more incredible is Chow's ability to makeit all work. When the scene is funny you appreciate the comedy, when itswitches gears to action you are blown away by the terrific sequences,when it switches to melodrama you are on the edge of your seat awaitingcharacter responses, and when they're all fused together you do exactlywhat Chow is hoping you'll do. You laugh. <br><br>So I liked the film, but what is the film exactly. Like most StephenChow films while the concept is simple to describe, the execution isfar more complex. Kung Fu Hustle tells the story of Sing, a wannabegangster attempting to join the famous Axe Gang (who during some of theearly scenes seem to spoof Gangs of New York - look for a fireworkvisual quote), a legion of black suits responsible for a series ofgruesome murders and complete dominance over a 1940s Hong Kong. Sing'sreasons for wanting to join the gang are simple: bad guys are cooler.His arrogance causes a war to break out between a poor housing complexthat secretly holds a number hidden talents and the murderous axe gang.What starts as a relatively small skirmish (and I mean relatively)explodes into a war of Miike's &quot;Dead or Alive&quot; proportions. <br><br>The use of digital effects in this film are extreme. Chow havingsuccumbed to the digital revolutions in Shaolin Soccer, manages onceagain to use his effects wisely. There are a terrific number of effectsshots in this film far more then I've ever seen in a Hong Kongproduction (save maybe the terrible Wesley's Mysterious File) and whileI am disappointed at the lack of practical effects the impressivequality of them more then makes up for it. This film simply does notlook like a Hong Kong film. It rivals Hollywood features in everycategory (set, costumes cinematography), but amazingly enough the CGIis really good! You can notice most of the effects, but that doesn'tmatter because they are used for laughs and effectively so. Some of theeffects not only will have you in stitches, but also in shock and aweat the sheer incredibility of some of the scenes. One scene that sticksout is a terrific spoof of the Road Runner. Its not hilarious, but alsoa visual feast.<br><br>The impressive action is thanks largely to the great choreographytalent including both Sammo Hung and Yuen Wo Ping (each working on thefilm at spate occasions). Yuen Wo Ping manages to take a scene thatappears to be rehash of the Burly Brawl (hundreds of suits against oneguy) and manages to make it not only fresh, but a thousand times moreexciting and intense. These fight sequences demand the attention of anycinephile who claims themselves a fan of marital art cinema.Wachowski's take not, this is how you direct Yuen Wo Ping to thisartistic peak. <br><br>So everything seems great, right? This has to be Chow's best, right?Actually not everything works and is not at all Chow's best film. It isnot his funniest film, but that is because it takes the risk ofexploring the action genre. It also relies a bit too much on CGI, andwhile its use is effective, it can occasionally bring you out of thefilm. Compared to his other films this film ranks #1 for its visualsand action, but in terms of laughs and writing it cannot surpass theclassics. That being said Kung Fu Hustle is absolute blast. See it ifyou can at the Toronto Film Festival, import it on DVD and catch intheaters when Sony Classics brings it here (in Febuary I believe). Itis action comedy at its finest.<br><br>Three cheers for Chow Sing Chi!

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Reviewed by JuliaChao 10/10

In general, it's a movie which puts tribute to all the Kung Fu Movie.<br><br>Some argue that Stephen uses a lots of old jokes and routines in thismovie that makes it a little bit weak on the script. However, I thinkit's one of his best. He doesn't make as many dirty jokes as usual, butyou can really learn his philosophy through this two-hours movie andhave a very good laugh at the same time. If you really watch the moviecarefully, you will know what kung-fu is. Stephen Chow trulyunderstands kung-fu, in my opinion, and it a sure thing that he craziesabout it.<br><br>It's not a common kung-fu movie like &quot;Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon&quot;or &quot;Hero&quot;. Stephen Chow uses his own way to express kung-fu. Isincerely recommend this movie to those who still has the slightesthesitation whether you should watch this movie or not.Just Go!!!!!!!!!!You won't regret it!!!!

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Reviewed by Stephen O'Connell

I saw this movie at the Toronto filmfest and I have to say I loved it,I really didn't know what to expect as I didn't know the director andhad only really seen some pretty bad kung fu many years before. Thereare many pop culture references in there like reservoir dogs and thematrix.. all done very tongue in cheek.<br><br>The fight sequences are very well done and keep the movie moving at afrenetic pace, the jokes tend to be visual in nature and as such sidestep the normal translation problems.<br><br>All in all I thought this was a great movie and suspect this will be ahuge hit !

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