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Reviewed by rannynm 10

Air Bud Entertainment has done it again and created a fun-filled family film with this follow up sequel to Pup Star. I like the movie because the story has a fun adventure and also introduces lots of new characters including the disco dog Shampoo, the perfect pal P.U.P. (Mackenzie Sol) and the &quot;catankerous&quot; Kitty Purry (Madison Pettis). <br/><br/>The story begins when Roland (Jed Rees) and Bark (George Newbern) kidnap Tiny (Kaitlyn Maher); or should I say dognap. Scrappy (Kaitlyn Maher) is put in Tiny&#39;s place for the Pup Star finals because Bark wants revenge on Tiny. My favorite scene is Shampoo&#39;s disco party! It is hilarious because it is quite unusual to see dogs dancing. Wow! He slides all around and spins on the ground like fidget spinner. My next favorite scene is in Kitty Purry&#39;s cat alley. When Roland enters, his clothes are in perfect condition, but when he comes out, his entire outfit is in shreds. <br/><br/>My favorite characters are Tiny, Scrappy and Roland. Tiny is so lovable and a great singer. Scrappy is an awesome rapper with lots of attitude. Roland thinks he is pretty smart but he&#39;s really like a dodo bird. It&#39;s so funny that in almost every scene something bad happens to him which made me laugh like a howling husky. I absolutely love the music because it includes rap, pop, country, upbeat and sad songs that draws you in and touches your heart. Kaitlyn Mayer has an amazing and versatile voice. She is able to not only sing pop but rap like nobody&#39;s business. I like the special effects because they make the talking dogs and facial expressions look so real and, by the end of the movie, I believed that dogs can really talk and sing. Can&#39;t they?<br/><br/>I don&#39;t want to give away the ending, but you&#39;ll most likely have tears in your eyes. The heartfelt messages of the film are about sticking together and that families are better together. I recommend this to ages 3 to 13. I rate this film 5 out of 5 Pup Stars. I highly encourage you to see this film! <br/><br/>Reviewed by Abigail Zoe L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

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Reviewed by zanderofoster 10

If you....DON&#39;T like his film. you must not have a heart. NOR a brain. Fun for every...SINGLE...Family member...I mean...SPOT ON!!!YOU GUYS DID IT TEAM! TEAM WORK! AIR BUD ENTERTAINMENT STRUCK GOLD!!!! SERIOUSLY! THEY BRIDGED OUT FROM AIRBUD TO MAKE A MASTER PRICE! please..SUPPORT this film...It&#39;s perfection on a BUN!!!!

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