Sophie and the Rising Sun


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agbartholomew 10

"Sophie and the Rising Sun" is a beautifully filmed movie with excellent acting - Margo Martindale and Lorraine Toussaint are particularly strong and give outstanding performances. Visually the film is gorgeous. Wolfgang Held brings magic to the screen with his incredible rich and intense cinematography. Though the story is set in a different time period it vibrates with relevance to today. Sophie comes to us at a time when we can only benefit by the questions it raises. You leave the film with the sad recognition that what was once still exists today. Prejudice and bigotry remains.

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Reviewed by D Light 10

This movie was a winner for me. I enjoy true to life stories. I knew it was a winner within the first 10 minutes. Gripping, tantalizing and oh.... so romantic. The characters kept my attention. The emotion they emit is so sweet. The story is interesting and held my attention. I wanted more and did not want to stop watching it. So happy to share. I don't find many movies that are 10 stars for me and hope you enjoy it also. This is for true romantics.

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Reviewed by philzone-50600 10

Great story and acting. Time accurate. A real enjoyable film.

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