Tawai: A voice from the forest


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Reviewed by katiestar-89409 9

Tawai<br/><br/>A beautiful, haunting and most welcome opportunity to tune in to how the remaining few real egalitarian hunter gather societies relate to each other and their surroundings. How they live and breathe that connection and inter-relatedness, how their way of life keeps them so tightly in touch with the present moment, with each other and the soil on which they step. An insight into what we lose when we fall out of that interwoven way of life and most of all, an invitation to allow in and fully embody the heavy aching pain and frustration that our own daily actions are chipping away at these precious last living examples of true human harmony with nature. Chipping away at the resources that are the lifelines of our planet. <br/><br/>It is pain that we really need to face, fully open to and deeply feel. We owe it to these societies and we owe it our planet and to ourselves, to witness and be present to this process of destruction that is happening to us as one global unit. <br/><br/>Tawai means to feel a sense of connection to our surroundings, in a way like how a baby is connected to a mother and her breast. To know with its whole being that it needs her, that it feeds upon her and will not be able to survive without her and her love.

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Reviewed by sarduff-36350 10

I loved this documentary for its deep philosophical exploration of what it means to be a human in the context of a fast disappearing natural world. It was subtle, thought provoking and never pedantic or propagandistic. It was a beautifully told story with dreamy cinematography that made me feel very immersed in each of the different places Bruce Parry explores.

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Reviewed by lisadundas-82191 10

I wasn&#39;t expecting to come out from seeing the film with a sense of being lost....lost because of the way we are losing this world, of what we are doing to our planet, to each other. It is as if human beings have forgotten the connection to earth, to grounding, and how we just are making life so complicated for ourselves. I loved the simplicity of the tribe, with no-one in charge and everyone is equal, a novel idea to us in the west with our cut throat ideas. I have recently held an exhibition called Home/Beit, asking Palestinians where or what Home is to them, one of the responses we had from a Bedouin elder was about a tree, it has roots and if those roots aren&#39;t planted in deep enough soil it will never thrive. We just don&#39;t have our roots planted deeply enough within nature to thrive fully. One of my comments I said during today&#39;s q and a, was that this should be showed everywhere, especially in schools. To me it is a must see. I am left with a sense of yearning for something I can&#39;t quite put my finger on, but what I do know is that I have to make changes in my life to have a knock on effect for people I will probably never ever meet, but possibly share some form of DNA with. Like Bruce, I had that connection of &#39;oneness&#39; in India, it was quite overwhelming and profound...life can never be the same after that. Thank you for this film.

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