The Boy


Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by zachary-10857 8

NO spoilers<br/><br/>OK, OK, i understand most peoples problems with this flick. It has some gaps, and some missing story elements. I read a couple of reviews, and people complained about things not being explained and impossible scenarios. But this move was super entertaining. I did not want to turn away, it kept me glued, and was fun. What else do you really want from a horror or mystery movie? It was original, and inventive, and the acting was good. Was it a perfect movie, no... but it was definitely worth watching, and if your on the fence about it, don&#39;t be, watch it. And i am picky.

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Reviewed by riceryan 8

I&#39;m an avid IMDb user. This is actually my first time writing a review though. I felt inclined after browsing through other&#39;s reviews saying how horrible this movie was. It was actually a lot better than I expected. I wasn&#39;t in a huge hurry to see it, but I&#39;m happy I watched it. I haven&#39;t been a fan of many newer horror movies with the exception of It Follows, but I recommend watching this with an open mind. There&#39;s a twist that makes it worth while and I must admit, I didn&#39;t see it coming a mile away. Perfect ending to my mini Friday the 13th marathon. -- -- -- -- ----- ----- -----—------------ -----—------—----------------------------- ---

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Reviewed by tlooknbill 9

I give it an 9 stars because the end kind of sets it up for a sequel, but hey, the rest of &quot;The Boy&quot; is beautifully stylized and paced similar to the spooky, suspenseful and disturbing &#39;60&#39;s British made thrillers like Betty Davis&#39; &quot;The Nanny&quot;and Debra Kerr&#39;s &quot;The Innocents&quot; only with an added surprise ending and faster pace.<br/><br/>From the trailer this movie is not what you think it is and not one of your run of the mill &quot;Child&#39;s Play&quot; Chucky doll revenge type &#39;80&#39;s flicks. I sort of knew this going in just from the fact smart actors such as Lauren Cohan rarely make bad decisions on movie choices such as this and by god she makes it all believable just as she does in &quot;Walking Dead&quot;.<br/><br/>This is a very maturely written, photographed and acted movie reminding me of a really good Twilight Zone episode that gradually unfolds revealing the layers of mystery in this case on the reasons for why an elderly couple would be caring for a life size boy doll which is disturbing on its own right from the get go.<br/><br/>There&#39;ll be more questions than answers as the movie progresses where the end will allow the viewer to fill in the blanks with an implied causality from connecting the dots looking back which is the best way to write a movie and view it. Don&#39;t explain everything. The audience has a better imagination and intellect.<br/><br/>This will probably be a classic as time goes on as I believe &quot;The Orphan&quot; both odd and unique thrillers.

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