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Reviewed by S.R. Dipaling 9/10

It might be a little simplistic to call this &quot;Bill Murray&#39;sMovie&quot;,because in truth,this film works just as well because it has afantastic support from Richard Dreyfuss,Julie Haggerty,CharlieKorsmo,KAthryn Erbe and director Frank Oz. Still,you cannot watch thisfilm without feeling like Murray&#39;s complete abandon in this film iswhat gives this film its pep,spark and life. This might be one of themore energized performances of his long and well-padded career.<br><br>Dr.Leo Marvin(Dreyfuss,who has settled into being the &#39;Uptightfuddy-dudd&#39; roles from here,as opposed to the more restive,youthfulroles of past movies like &quot;Jaws&quot; and &quot;Goodbye Girl&quot;)seems to have itall. Loving wife,healthy,normal kids and a career that is on the vergeof taking off:a comfortable private practice in New York and aself-help book about to be published nationwide. At the last minute,heaccepts another colleague&#39;s patient(for whom he does not wonder as towhy his peer is so breathlessly trying to pass this patient off tohim):one Bob Wiley(Murray). Bob doesn&#39;t have anything wrong with him;hehas MANY things wrong with him. Multiphobic,clingy and more than alittle under-developed in his sense of emotional attachment,Bobmisreads the good doctor&#39;s brush off(As the doctor gets ready for aLabor Day getaway with his famille)as being a cure-all,and isimmediately smitten with the doctor&#39;s methods,approach,diagnosis andtreatment. He decides he&#39;s going to insinuate himself into Dr.Marvin&#39;slife(in somewhat of a mixture of gratitude and need),and follows him tothe rural,New England lakeside vacation where the Marvins are staying.<br><br>Alvin Sargent and Laura Ziskin&#39;s story and script make the actors&#39;moves and lines so easy you&#39;d almost think there were elements ofimprovisation. But Murray and Dreyfuss are(and not to belabor a pointhere but...)the key here. Murray&#39;s socially oblivious and free sense ofbonding clashes DRAMATICALLY with the button-down professionalism ofDreyfuss&#39; doctor,and as Muray thinks himself &quot;Better&quot;,Dreyfuss&#39; shrinkseems to be getting worse,confounded by his unwanted patient&#39;spersistence and loyalty. While the unabashed enthusiasm of Murray&#39;scharacter might drive away some viewers who might see this as&quot;annoying&quot; or &quot;too much&quot;, Murray fans and,I think,fans of sort ofodd,non-formula comedies will DEFINITELY appreciate the whole story andrhythm of this film. Perhaps it&#39;s a bit too early to state this(thoughthis film,which I first caught in the theaters in first release sixteenyears ago,has had more than a decade to simmer in the memories ofmoviegoers),I feel this is something of a modern comedy classic. I&#39;veseen this film no less than three times and,to chime in with an IMDbmessage board poster,this IS a truly re-watchable movie.

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Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 10/10

Bill Murray really does his best when playing outright wacky characterslike the one in &quot;What About Bob?&quot;. In this case, he&#39;s a mentallyunstable psychiatric patient who follows his psychiatrist (RichardDreyfuss) on vacation and practically takes over. In a way, the wholemovie&#39;s sort of silly, but it shows how the psychiatrist is basically apompous dweeb and Bob is the world&#39;s most lovable person, if not quiteall there. It&#39;s really neat towards the end, how the psychiatriststarts losing his mind in frustration. All in all, it shows that FrankOz is quite capable as a director, and that Murray and Dreyfuss are twoof the greatest actors of our era. Also starring Julie Hagerty, CharlieKorsmo and Roger Bowen in his final role.

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8/10

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it, laughing mostof the way. By the second look, Bill Murray&#39;s deliberatelyobnoxious-pushy character now started driving me crazy, too. No longerwas it just Richard Dreyfuss being tormented. By the third viewing, I&#39;dhad enough.<br><br>Murray, &quot;Bob,&quot; is so annoying, so irritating, that you either laugh orwant to kill this guy yourself as he hounds his psychiatrist all overthe place. Kudos to Dreyfuss to put up with, even if it&#39;s just acting.Murray certainly did his job well in this film. He was the perfectactor to play &quot;Bob.&quot;<br><br>Highly recommended for one but beware &quot;Bob&quot; may drive you nuts, too.

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